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Lisa, Parent: 

We have worked with Hannah for over 2 years with our son with autism and she's great! helped me as a parent know how to help my son in a fun and progressive way. x

Joanna, Parent: 

The course of therapy was excellent! Really well planned and kept my active 4yr old really engaged and motivated! The therapist had a lovely fun nature and really connected with my child. She didn't even realise she was working hard. The course helped her to slow down and improve her pronunciation. It also helped improve my understanding and helped me know how to help her. it has had a lasting impact on us both.​​

Roberta, Parent: 

Katie has been extremely patient and helpful with my 3 year old son, adapting the activities to his likes and dislikes and waiting for him to get used to the novelty. He enjoyed himself and started saying new words. He also understood the concept of turn taking and he is better at listening and following simple instructions. I am happy with the way the sessions went and I would recommend Katie and Hannah to other parents whose children need help with speech and language!

John, Parent: 

We have been helped by Let’s Verbalise for the last few months and I’m delighted to be able to attest to wonderful level of professionalism, care and help we have received. We consider that the input we have had goes much further beyond simple dispassionate assistance and is motivated by genuine concern for our child. I have been most impressed by the skilful way the team have liaised in a gentle collaborative manner with school teachers and NHS therapists. I could not recommend them more highly.

Ian, Parent: 

Our therapist is excellent and the care and support we consistently receive is second to none and is making a real difference to our little one and us. We highly recommend Let’s Verbalise.

Libby, Parent: 

We've found Let's Verbalise to be immensely helpful and very approachable.  They provide a really good level of support for us in dealing with school and with our son who enjoys and engages with his sessions.

Jamie, Parent: 

We’ve had such a great experience with the therapists at Let’s Verbalise...we had become very anxious about his speech and what the future held for him.

​I’m very grateful to Lets verbalise, they literally changed our life. My little boy is responding very well to the recommendations made and absolutely loves seeing his therapist from here.
Thank you so much!

Jodie, Parent: 

I cannot speak highly enough about Let’s Verbalise. What they do is life changing for the children that they work with and certainly has been the case for us. We were so worried about our daughter’s future and unable to get her the help she needed elsewhere. The progress she has made over the last 8 months while seeing them has been astonishing. They provide therapy for her both in the home and at nursery which she loves. What they do goes beyond support just for the child, they have taught me a lot about speech and language development so that I can help her, and they work with her nursery to ensure the strategies they are using all contribute to her progress. They really know their stuff and are so positive and supportive, we were very lucky to have found them.