About Us...

Katie Byron nee Owens
BSc (Hons) | MRCSLT | MHCPC | MASLTIP                                     

​​A few of my favourite things...

​I am a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Co- founder of Let's Verbalise Independent Speech & Language Therapy Practice. I have years of experience working with young people with a range of speech, language and communication needs.

My specialism is with young people with Autistic Spectrum Condition including Pathological Demand Avoidance and Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and have a special interest in interventions to promote the development of  social communication and interaction. 

I feel that it is important to take a holistic view of the young person to ensure therapy is client-centred and  above all FUN!

 Reading - particularly the Harry Potter series and anything by Nick Hornby and Jane Austen!
Playing Golf and watching Rugby or Football.
 I really enjoy going to lovely restaurants! 
Hannah McDiarmid nee Jones


​​A few of my favourite things...

I am a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist  and Co-director of Let's Verbalise. I have substantial experience helping children of all ages with their speech, language and communication skills.

I work with a comprehensive range of conditions and my specialisms include Autistic Spectrum Condition, Developmental Language Disorder, and Speech Sound difficulties.

I regularly liaise with other multidisciplinary professionals, predominantly within an educational setting and consider liaison encourages generalisation of skills.

I am skilled in a range of therapies and fundamentally believe sessions should be personalised, interactive and enjoyable.
 Baking treats in my cosy cottage kitchen.
Crafting...particularly if it involves a hot glue gun!

Going for walks in the beautiful Peak District.

India Wilkins
Speech & Language Therapist


​​A few of my favourite things...

I love cooking - particularly a Sunday roast!
Going on adventures to new places...
especially sunny places.
I have been working with Let's Verbalise as a Speech and Language Therapist since September 2018. I have lots of experience working with children with speech, language and communication needs; primarily those with learning disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Condition. 

I am also interested in Speech Sound difficulties and Hearing Impairments. I really enjoy working within the child's home and educational environment to empower parents and professionals in supporting children's speech and language development. 

My aim is to make every session fun and enjoyable...for everyone involved! 
Watching the latest film at the cinema with a BIG bag of popcorn!
Natasha Thomas
Speech & Language Therapist


​​A few of my favourite things...

I worked in the NHS for two years before joining Let's Verbalise  in September 2018. My experience predominantly lies in the early years; I value the importance of early intervention for children's speech, language and communication needs. I feel that it is crucial to involve parents as much as possible in the assessment and therapy process, so that they feel confident in how best to support their child's speech and language development. 

​I am also interested in Dysfluency, Speech Sound difficulties and Developmental Language Disorder. I am trained in the use of Makaton.  

I find it a privilege to play such a supportive role in a child's life...and to call it my 9 to 5 job! 
I am a BIG Harry Potter fan!
Spending time with my family (especially my adorable niece and nephews!) makes me very happy.
Running...I may not be able to run a Marathon just yet, but maybe one day!

Vicky Toogood
Speech & Language Therapist


​​A few of my favourite things...

I am an avid netballer and play in a local league.

I LOVE decorating cakes - especially wedding cakes!
I am a Speech and Language Therapist who previously worked in the NHS. I have experience working in clinic, school and home environments, with children between the ages of 18 months and 16 years.  I started working with Let’s Verbalise in September 2018.
I find working with children both enjoyable and fulfilling and I am always looking for new ways to enthuse the children I work with. I am interested in Autism Spectrum Condition, Speech Sound difficulties and Selective Mutism.

I believe that as therapists, it is our job to ensure we find creative ways to engage children and provide activities that both motivate and inspire, as this is when the best outcomes are achieved.
I enjoy exploring new places, both in England and abroad